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HotDocs Advance: the future of document automation is here

Streamline your organization’s workflow with the world’s most trusted and powerful document assembly software and automation platform.


See the entire workflow — from template creation to use — and discover why our approach to document automation is the choice of over one million users worldwide.

You can choose to have a 1:1 live demo with a specialist or get instant access to a free trial.

Whether you choose a demo or trial, expect to see first hand how our approach to automating documents can immediately:

  • Save time with efficient templating and rapid-fire document generation

  • Reduce costs and errors associated with manual document generation and proofreading

  • Minimize inevitable risks occurring from manual document generation

  • Increase document quality by standardizing content and creating version control

Transform your document generation workflow

If your organization routinely generates complex or customer-specific documents such as contracts, statements of work, loan agreements, and valuation reports, HotDocs can help you. Take a closer look at our document assembly platform’s powerful capabilities:


Remove complexity with document automation

HotDocs Advance system turns frequently used documents and forms into reusable templates, allowing you to create customized, error-free documentation in a fraction of the time.

Maximize efficiency

Document generation and assembly slashes the time it takes to draft new documents and distribute to staff, so you can focus on your business.

Minimize risk

Protect against legal issues stemming from inaccurate content or easy-to-miss keying errors.

Enhance compliance

Document template software lets you create templates that adhere to internal business rules, and centrally control all versions.

Improve quality

Generate perfectly formatted documents by applying rules, version control, and internal brand guidelines to all templates.

HotDocs Author makes templating easy

HotDocs Advance’s template authoring tool to allows authors to transform documents or forms into dynamic templates that can be used again and again.

Easily create elegant interview forms

Users are guided through an intelligent interview process, which HotDocs uses to customize the final document.

Growing feature set

With an ever-expending set of features, and an API that allows for further integration and customization, HotDocs Advance is here to support your organization’s growth.

Advance template creation with HotDocs Author

The HotDocs Author component allows your in-house experts to transform ordinary Word documents into fully automated HotDocs templates. Insert placeholders for specific customer data into the body of the text, and build structures that generate Word documents, PDFs, and much more.

Secure Single Sign-On

Cloud Sign-On helps users log in to HotDocs Advance faster and more securely. Reduce complexity and save time for large organizations with multiple users with multiple passwords. Multi-factor authentication can be set up to further increase security when using Single Sign-On.

Ready to deploy as SaaS, on-premise, or in Abacus Private Cloud

End users will enjoy the ease and flexibility that comes with generating documents on browser-based templates in the cloud or on premise using a variety of devices like PCs, Macs, and tablets.

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