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Time Matters Sales, Support, Implementation & Upgrade
Time Matters


  • Fully customize your own workflows, precedents, forms, and documents

  • Generate documents rapidly with Merge Templates while reducing errors associated with manual creation

  • Set triggers for common tasks based on deadlines that you specify

  • Automate recurring tasks and manage emails, research notes, and calendar entries

  • Optimize sharing of information among staff with a centralized database of matters

  • Maintain an automated record of all your work related to a case to reduce malpractice risks

  • Share calendars easily

  • Enhance communication among staff with TM Messenger

  • Control who can see and access information

  • Help ensure compliance with ethical and data security obligations

  • Securely share encrypted documents and PDFs online

  • Monitor activity with alerts about specific contacts or matters

  • Create custom data reports on staff performance, profitability, lead sourcing, and more

  • Utilize robust conflict-check search tools for clients, matters, and contacts

  • Track your time better with an adaptable solution

  • Improve workflow by automating common tasks and processes

  • Save time by collaborating with your team using a single database

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