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This page is for the purchase of additional PCLaw license(s)

To purchase a First license please click here


First License $1100

Additional License $845


Install, Configuration and Trainng available


PCLaw® is an all-in-one case/matter management, time-tracking, billing, and accounting solution for small to mid-size law firms.  PCLaw® allows firms to manage their client information, billing and time keeping in a secure, easy-to-use, central location, allowing attorneys to focus on serving clients. PCLaw comes pre-configured to get firms up-and-running quickly, and it can be customized to meet a firm’s unique needs.



Streamline Your Finances

  • Manage and time vendor payments on your terms to improve cash flow.
  • Write and print checks from trust or general bank accounts for client or law firm expenses.
  • Keep accounts in balance with reconciliation tools.
  • Quickly identify clients with outstanding balances to prioritize collection efforts.

 Earn More of What You Deserve

  • Reduce duplication of effort with all-in-one integrated billing and accounting.
  • Reduce unbilled billable time by automating time capture with Time Entry Advisor.
  • Email bills or submit LEDES-formatted bills electronically and get paid faster with fewer hassles.

 Get a Better Picture of Your Practice

  • Translate built-in efficiency gains into more billable hours.
  • Stay on top of matters, documents, calendars, and attorney billing and accounting with one easy-to-use software solution.
  • Gain insights and track your firm’s performance with comprehensive reporting.

 Get Up and Running Faster

  • Get free onboarding, training, resources and upgrades with your annual maintenance plan.
  • Get started without worry in just minutes. Intuitive design in PCLaw makes it easy.
  • Get a firm-wide view of what's most important, all over your first cup of coffee with PCLaw Dashboard


Order sent to you by email in 2-4 business days


PCLaw Practice Management System "Additional License"

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